Innovation Business and Projects Management

Innovation Business and Projects Management

Licensintorg is one of the main incorporators of «Russian Innovation Consortium». The Consortium accomplishes realisation of relatively small and quickly recompensed innovation projects with participation of private investors. Inclusively, perspective innovation projects are searched; also an evaluation of business is done, as well as feasibility studies, and drawing up of business-plans, and a search for financing.

Licensintorg participates in creation of Russian innovation system.

Licensintorg actively cooperates with administrations, companies, and organisations in several Russian regions to carry out investment projects concerning modernization and reconstruction of enterprises on the basis of purchase of newest technologies, machines, and equipment from abroad. Firstly, in such investment projects, as processing, storage and packing of agricultural products, manufacture of building materials, arranging chemical and petrochemical productions, telecommunications, medicine, production of glass-containers and other types of packing.

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For experimental verification of our development, we propose to take a loan, the return of which is planned at the expense of the funds received from the sale of the license. Can Licenzintorg conduct a market analysis, determine the likelihood of a license sale and calculate its approximate cost?

It goes without saying that the association is able to carry out all the work indicated. However, it is impossible to give any guarantees that the license for your technology will be sold. The state of the market is a poorly predictable thing, and the issuance of an opinion on the likelihood of selling a license before you return the loan would be a manifestation of voluntarism and irresponsibility on our part. As for the calculation of the cost of a license, it can be correctly performed in relation to any specific buyer, based on his market development capabilities and, accordingly, the volume of production under the license.

Is it possible to obtain data on royalty rates for a specific type of goods from Licensing Trade?

Yes, Licensintorg provides a similar service for a fee. The royalty rate is calculated on the basis of more than 40 years of experience in the international technology market (over 7 thousand export and import transactions), materials from the Institute of Industrial Property, France, and other sources. The cost of such information is the ruble equivalent of $ 100.00.

Does the licensed trade search for potential buyers of industrial property rights work only with legal entities or with individuals too?

Licensor for the search for potential buyers of industrial property rights works both with legal entities of any form of ownership, residents and non-residents, as well as individuals — owners of industrial property rights. Such work is carried out on the basis of a service agreement or a commission agreement.



Name of enterprise: Federal State Unitary Enterprise Foreign Economic Organization “Licensintorg” ( VO “Licensintorg” )

Legal address: 121108, Moscow, Minskaya st., 11.

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